Career Highlights:

- World Ski Championships, Vail USA, 2015

- Podiums at International Competitions

Jai fell in love with skiing on his 4th birthday at his local dry ski slope in Torquay. He was eager to keep practicing so he could chase the best (and show off over jumps of course). He progressed through the ranks, soon racing all over the country - Jai thanks his parents for all their commitment and the many miles they did.

By age 11 Jai had done a few weeks on snow and gradually began to do more each year as he gained support. He then started skiing at the British Ski Academy and progressed to the England Team where he skied part-time whilst completing his A-levels. After deferring a place at University (to study Engineering at Loughborough) he worked all summer, gained as much support as he could, and embarked on his first winter full-time independently at the age of 18.

Jai was selected for the British Senior Team in 2010 - he's determined to reach his full potential, doing what he loves best!

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