Career Highlights:

Top 40
- US Rev Tour Slopestyle, USA, 2015

Top 40
- US Rev Tour Slopestyle, USA, 2014

Top 12
- FIS Halfpipe, Otsego, USA, 2012

Growing up in London, all I wanted to do was skateboard. Snowboarding came late, but it only took a few holidays to France until I was hooked. Not living near a dry slope or any snow domes, I left the UK to a snow academy on the East coast of America, where I got the basics down.

My family then moved to Los Angeles, giving me a huge opportunity to live and ride at my favourite winter resort, Mammoth Mountain, where I continue to live and train during the winter with my friends.

My goals are the Winter Olympics in 2018, and my shout outs go to Mum, Dad, Greg Martin, Benjamin Wisner, Michael Ramirez.

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