18 December 2015

Charlie Raposo scores a huge result in Alpine North American Cup Slalom Race

Following a difficult start to the season with poor weather conditions across Europe and parts of the States, Delancey Alpine ski racer Charlie Raposo triumphed in his final race before the Christmas break in the Panorama North American Cup. Raposo flew in to 5th place overrall from a start bib of 54 to score a 20 point result in the Nor-Am Slalom race yesterday. The final race of the Panorama series also put Charlie on the podium as the second fastest of the men's Juniors. Raposo said of the festive achievement:

"Really happy to have put everything together on the last day of racing before Christmas. I made the changes over the summer and the speed was there but I have been struggling to find the highest gear in both slalom and GS. Finally once I got to Panorama I had that intensity to go as fast as I could and it took me a few days to dial it in."

This weekend sees Alex Tilley take on her final race before Christmas in the ladies Giant Slalom in the Courchevel World Cup on Sunday.

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